My name is Ken Kuzminski and I am your Yellowhead NDP candidate.

I'm a carpenter who works and lives in Jasper. I view my community as an integral component of the Yellowhead riding, a uniquely diverse and vibrant region that encompasses agricultural zones, small communities, developing economies and the fortunate geography of a world-class national park. Moreover, as stewards of an envied region, it is up to us to ensure sustainability for the future, maintaining an equitable balance between quality of life and economic prosperity in harmony with nature.

Whether you work in the lumber industry, a coal mine, pulp mill, on the railroad or back roads, in a hospital or hospitality, tourism, public service or trucking, construction or computing, we all face the same obstacles and share the same dreams.

We all struggle to keep our dreams alive, the same dreams that brought us and our immigrant ancestors to Canada. We struggle to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We find ways to keep up with rising energy costs. We dream of a quality education for our children, affordable and accessable post-secondary opportunities and a health system that will be there for us when we need it. We share a vision of a future for ourselves and our families in communities that are safe, healthy and vibrant.

It is more than bricks, mortar and national parks. The time is past when the government can turn its back on the fundamental needs of working families. We are all working longer, harder and not getting ahead. We have been distracted from acting by playing the environment against the economy, healthcare and education against taxes, working people against corporate profits.

I'm young enough to have the energy to represent you and help you address your concerns. I'm old enough to understand how important your concerns are and how tentative our future is. I'm educated enough to know the issues and work hard enough to know the value of integrity and perseverance. It has become clear to me, that over the coming years, the community of Yellowhead must forge a future that is well-planned and exemplifies responsible, sustainable progress – progress that supports the fundamental needs of people and communities. We have the opportunity to be the pride of Alberta, and indeed Canada.

Through the power of democracy, you have the means to stand up and demand a government with vision – a vision of a sustainable, prosperous and healthy future for all Canadians - a future in balance.

It's this vision that drives me to stand up and be accountable. It's time for courage. As a single voter, you hold the power to determine your future. Stand up and help me make change.

Ken Kuzminski


NDP Candidate Yellowhead Federal Riding


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